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Money Does Grow on Trees
By Steven Spangenberg

money book amazonThe purpose of this book is simple…to assist you in obtaining clarity, direction, and thought. Over 90% of the people in America go through life trying to just get by with no direction and only thinking about what will happen the next day and being pushed in every direction except what they desire.

I will share my experiences in my quest for my money trees in addition to people that I have experienced along the way. I did not like to read about other successful people until I read about Milton Hershey. What inspired me was the fact that he failed tremendously before his success. He was real to me. It is my purpose to have something I’ve failed at or succeeded in speak to you and assist you in your quest.

This book will NOT be filled with useless words and excess pictures. I will get right to the point.

This book is not a “how to” book. It is a “how to think correctly” book. I was never taught how to think correctly until I was over 40 years of age! This will excite people of all ages. You can find your money tree at any age! It only takes the correct thought and a decision.9780974092454

This book is about getting rich quick. Yes, quick! I’ve tried the slow way and it did NOT work! I have, however, done it quickly. To quote my friend & mentor Mr. Myron Golden, “It’s easier to make a lot of money than a little money.” I did not believe that at first, but it has been my experience that it’s easier to make six figures in a month than six figures a year! (clue…I found my money tree!)

Finally, this book is about you finding your money tree. Every person will be different. There are literally thousands of money trees. Many more than I will cover in this book. So, sit back and relax. Get ready to find your money tree and reap your harvest that you deserve!

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